About Us

Background problems  :

It  is  harsh  truth  and  of  course  a  reality  that  in  the  world of  business, trade, commerce  both  in  wholesale  and  retail  trade, majority  of  the  transactions  are not  fair, transparent,  sellers  wrong product information and commitment  to  buyers, fake products, limited knowledge of  small buyers , difficulty  and  mistakes  in choosing the supplier, less negotiable power ,  costly  supply chain and transportation , excessive  retail price, less chances of scalability  for  micro, small and medium business  houses  due  to  lack of  large market for their  product and services,  additional  high  commissions cost and  costly  processess  in becoming  a vendor  and  selling  products  at  Existing E-commerce marketplace.  In  fact, there  is  minimal options  for  growth especially for newly startup  and small Enterprises in  this  complex  market  mechanism  with  day  to day decreased  profitability.


What  we  do :

With the  principles of  Economies of scale, we are striving  hard to bring  a  revoluti onary  change  in  the  way  business  trade  and commerce  is conducted  so  far. We are introducing a simple and efficient e-marketplace product procurement system which will minimize all kinds of flaws in the existing physical and e-commerce marketplace with robust integration of CRM, SCM and cloud Communication technology, artificial intelligence to offer more faster transaction, maximum reach, cost effective, faster deliveries and customer services than traditional and current e- commerce marketplace.


Our objectives :

We pledge to become the most  reliable and growth partner  in India for  every start ups, small and  medium  manufacturing Enterprise, Importer  and Exporter by scaling up their market across the Country without  extra  investment in Customer Relationship Management, Supply chain management, heavy technology infrastr uctures , human resources and making  ATMA  NIRBHIR  INDIA  a  REALITY.