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Brown riceis awhole grainricewith the inedible outerhullremoved.White riceis the same grain without the hull, thebran layer, and thecereal germ.Red rice,gold rice, andblack rice(also called purple rice) are all whole rices with differently pigmented outer layers

Cooking time

Brown rice generally needs longer cooking times thanwhite rice, unless it isbrokenor flour blasted (which perforates the bran without removing it).[1]Studies by Gujral and Kumar in 2003 estimated a cooking time between 35 and 51 minutes.[2]


Parboiled riceis a modified process that forces into the kernel some of the vitamins found in the hull before the hull is removed. The process provides more nutrition than white rice while shortening the time necessary for final meal preparation.


Brown rice has a shelf life of approximately 6 months,[3]buthermetic storage,refrigerationorfreezingcan significantly extend its lifetime. Freezing, even periodically, can also help control infestations ofIndian meal moths.

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